Italian born Alberto Trevisan is known for two diverse skillsets as he works as a:
                1) 3D Generalist (Specialised in Layout/Previs) and Video Editor
                2) Sound Designer, Music Producer and Drummer.

Following an online competition in 2013, Alberto was offered a partial scholarship at Vancouver Film School for the one-year program "3D Animation & Visual Effects", and graduated (diploma) in 2015 with the demo reel "A Drummer's Vision", which features some stunning Motion Capture (MoCap), thanks to a sponsorship by in Vancouver, BC.
employment history:
2016- previs artist at Digic Pictures (Budapest, HU) as a Mid Previs/3D Artist for a few AAA titles, in particular video game cinematics and 3D feature films, such as Final Fantasy XV-Kingsglaive, Omen, Call of Duty-Infinity Warfare. 
2017 - 3D Generalist Artist in the visual effects department at UPP (Prague, CZ) on Blade Runner 2049.
2017/2018 - Senior Lead Layout Artist, Final Animation Fixer and Asset Modeller at arx anima as a in Vienna, Austria, mainly for the show Talking Tom and Friends.
2019 - cinematic artist at metricminds (Frankfurt, DE).
Click HERE for the latest 3D showreel

- Prior getting involved in 3D and VFX, Alberto started his artistic journey at the age of thirteen as a drummer. His craft evolved into sound engineering, sound design and soundtrack production over two decades and still counting.
Backed by three degrees in music (Diploma from CIM-Paris, Accademia Musicale di Firenze and Modern Academy-Firenze), he followed working with companies and artists in the likes of MTV, The Black Eyed Peas, Universal Music Publishing, Allianz AG and Metadesign AG (2005-2006). And he was granted a sponsorship from ARRI Film in Berlin for the realisation of a music video (2008).
Other facts:
- remix competition winner hosted by Aftershock Promotions UK (2006)
- NOmination (under act name Airwolf One) for "Best Dance Track" and "Best Live Act" at the Exposure Music Awards - UK (2008)
- NO.1 position in the charts of Kings of Spins with his cover of Thunderstruck by AC/DC (2012)
- One of his two James Bond Themes covers was broadcasted on National Japanese TV for promotion for the official feature film "Spectre"(2015).

"DRums on Soundtracks" is his current main studio and live solo project. It features live drums performing on re-recorded and re-arranged notorious soundtracks for motion pictures. This project is currently in development and it features a whole catalogue of soundtracks (mostly unreleased so far).
Click HERE for the latest demo audio reel
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